Works! Don't use god mode!

Best rage cheat for Escape from Tarkov

Cheat NEVERWIN for Escape From Tarkov. In other stores, our cheat can be found under different names: NT cheat tarkov, LF solution, Patrol, etc. Our product is exclusive. With the NEVERWIN cheat, you become invincible, GOD MODE will make opponents give you loot without a fight. You will be able to safely remove all valuable items found from the raid, easily detect enemies, pick up quest items even BEFORE the quest appeared, and much more! A program created by professionals in the field of hacking, with a huge number of functions in the game Escape From Tarkov.

Advantages of our cheat

GOD MODE makes you immortal
Disabling god mode for other players
Collect quest items in the raid BEFORE you have the quest
Powerful AIMBOT with fast bullets

Works ONLY with Windows 10 20H2-21H2

(Win 11 not supported)





Instant license key
NEVERWIN software download
NEVERWIN Installation Guide
24/7 customer support


Aim setting

  • Silent aim
  • FOV radius
  • Crosshair
  • Silent hand-to-hand combat
  • Fast bullets
  • Shooting from around the corner
  • Shooting at any part of the body
  • Checking the visibility of parts

Map settings

  • Items on the map
  • Items in containers
  • Quest Items
  • Quest locations
  • Grenades
  • Outputs and their status
  • Flexible element filter
  • Price filtering
  • Flower tuning for everything

Combat settings

  • Weapon
  • Recoil off
  • Scatter off
  • Rocking off
  • No faults
  • Drawing the flight of a bullet
  • Color tracers
  • Fast loading / unloading

Display settings

  • Boxing player
  • Player skeleton
  • Chams (player coloring)
  • Player nickname
  • Weapon in hand
  • KD player
  • Percentage of hits in the head
  • Check for sherpa, admin and so on
  • Bear or Usec
  • Player lvl
  • HP
  • Items in inventory
  • Inventory cost
  • Distance
  • Cheat warning

General settings

  • Ability to change ESP font size
  • Spoofer enabled by default
  • Ability to save configurations
  • Movement without inertia, with max. speed
  • Phase (Dangerous function, go through texture, door, wall, etc.)


  • Remove visor
  • Quick inspection of items/containers
  • Instant search
  • Selection of quest items
  • God mode (turn off damage from players and bots, but there is explosion damage, you also become silent)
  • Bypass server kick due to ping